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Practica Learning delivers immersive learning and practice scenarios that allow your leaders and client-facing employees to practice mission-critical business conversation skills. Each one-to-one practice session is 30 to 45 minutes and helps the participant learn, practice, and master crucial conversation skills that will substantially improve their effectiveness. Scenarios are designed to be highly realistic reflections of your people, culture, and context.

After each practice scenario, participants receive immediate personalized skills-based coaching and insightful emotional feedback based on their performance. Each skill is evaluated against your sales, coaching, or leadership frameworks. In-depth analytics and reporting provide you with compelling ROl data and consistency of execution.

Practica Learning employs over 70 experienced, professional Roleplayer Coaches with an average tenure of 14 years. Since 2000 we have conducted hundreds of thousands of roleplay simulations. Our clients include Hershey's, CIBC, American Airlines, Morningstar, Sanofi, S&P, Vanguard, and Morgan Stanley.


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