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About NIIT

Established in 1981, NIIT is a global leader in corporate L&D services, including custom content, learning administration, learning delivery, learning technology, sourcing, consulting, and other managed learning and training solutions. NIIT is dedicated to transforming the customers' learning ecosystems while increasing the business value of learning. NIIT’s Managed Training Services and best-in-class training processes enable customers to align business goals with L&D and demonstrably improve learning effectiveness and efficiency to create transformative business impact.

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Our Services

Our comprehensive suite of Managed Training Services includes Custom Content and Curriculum Design, Learning Administration, Learning Delivery, Strategic Sourcing, Learning Technology, and Consulting & Advisory Services.

At NIIT, we’ve spent the last four decades perfecting the learning ecosystem. An ecosystem that is efficient and ready to respond to any challenge business teams may throw at it. An ecosystem that delivers high value and impact enabling people and businesses to grow.

Our comprehensive, high-impact managed learning services are designed to deliver transformative results. That’s why almost 100 of the Fortune and Global 500 companies trust us with their L&D transformation.

In-Depth View of Our Services

Custom Content and Curriculum Design

As the world’s largest and most capable provider of custom content globally, we deliver over 21,000 hours of high-quality content annually. With our award-winning E=MC5 approach and Critical Mistake Analysis methodology, we develop learning content in every modality including generative AI technology and high-end immersive learning. Explore more here.

Learning Administration

As an industry leader in learning administration, we bring over 40 years of unmatched experience and process over 9 million transactions annually. Our systems are built on proven best practices, fool-proof process automation, and scalable, flexible business models that can take on fluctuating volumes and demand with high-touch, noise free operations. Explore more here.

Learning Delivery

Our worldwide network of over 2,500 instructors and a best-in-class partner network helps us provide unmatched global scale with regional flexibility in over 40 countries worldwide. We have a comprehensive, global delivery model that ranges from classroom-based training to virtual instructor led training to serve over half a million learners each year. Explore more here.

Strategic Sourcing

Our strategic sourcing service addresses the entire lifecycle of vendor-provided through best-in-class learning, scalable and regional flexibility, and rationalization of courses, vendors, participation, and delivery. With an industry-leading network of learning providers, and a full suite of support services, we help our customers optimize their vendor ecosystem with dramatic improvements in spend and service levels. We help them get the highest possible ROI on your learning investment. Explore more here.

Learning Technology

We help our customers leverage technology to enable their learning ecosystem align with their business. Our award-winning AI-driven learning platform enables hyper-personalized and meaningful learning pathways that can be integrated with various HR and performance systems to deliver seamless learning in the flow of work. We also help organizations implement and manage complex technology integrations between LMS, LXP and multiple HCM tech platforms. Explore more here.

Consulting and Advisory Services

At NIIT, our consulting and advisory services are focused on helping you improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your training initiatives. Our seasoned team of consultants is the compass that guides businesses towards sustainable success by igniting the spark of potential in every organization and every employee. By fostering a culture of continuous learning, we empower individuals to embrace change and steer their organizations towards excellence. Explore more here.

Our Solutions

We know the world is changing and the business is increasingly looking at L&D to solve specific HCM and business challenges.

At NIIT, we have over four decades of experience helping L&D teams of Fortune and Global 500 companies solve whatever challenge their business may throw at them.

Whether it is figuring out your tech stack, engaging customers with education solutions, embracing immersive learning, building talent pipelines or taking a managed services approach to leadership, professional, digital or IT skills, NIIT has a transformative solution for you.

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