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Since 1994, LRN has helped millions of people in thousands of companies worldwide navigate complex legal and regulatory environments and foster ethical cultures. LRN's combination of practical tools, education, and strategic advisement helps companies translate their values into concrete practices and leadership behaviors that create sustainable, competitive advantage. In partnership with LRN, companies need not choose between living principles and maximizing profits, or between enhancing reputation and growing revenue: both are a product of principled performance.

Our offerings mitigate the risk of costly ethical lapses and compliance failures, while building trust and earning the company a reputation for lawful and ethical conduct.

LRN is the trusted long-term partner to more than 2,500 client companies, including some of the most respected and successful businesses in the world, enabling us to create an active and growing community with a common interest. Together we acquire and disseminate proven strategic and tactical insights and develop solutions based on real-world experiences.


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